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The Public Impression of FITx

Are you asking “why a section called Public Impression”.  At FITx, we believe this is more important than sales or even cost control.  Yes, really!  Without a positive public impression of your club and training program, it becomes very difficult, almost impossible to be able to sell training and conduct business.  For example, your members may view your training as too difficult or too expensive.  The public may view your club and training as too intimidating or has no place for beginners.  Over time, your staff becomes unapproachable and members find themselves avoiding all interaction with the training staff.  There are many, many more examples, but in reality these false and negative impressions will cut your revenue potential by 50% or more.

These aren’t just examples, these obstacles have affected almost every club and studio across the country.  Another primary example is to illustrate how it’s possible for a very successfully club with 2000 active members to have only 150 or even less training clients.  Truthfully, they may actually have less than 100.  How can this be possible? How can a very successful club with a very qualified training staff train only 5% of its members? Most club owners don’t even see a problem because, either they never knew their club’s potential, or simply they never had control of their training program from the start.  At FITx, we believe any club, large or small, should be able to convert 25-50% of its members into training clients.  But without a positive public impression or control of the program, there’s no shot. 

FITx has taken many steps, and over years of development, to overcome the obstacles and challenges facing the fitness training industry.  So why is FITx so successful? It’s not one, but all the parts of FITx that contribute.  The combination of programming, marketing, protocols, and public impression are what makes up the FITx brand.  The FITx brand, if implemented correctly, does NOT face any of the stigmas or preconceptions facing the fitness industry and previously mentioned above.  

FITx simply and significantly increases your revenue potential because now you are able to attract potential clients that previously were unobtainable.   There truly is no glass ceiling with FITx.

Public Impression of FITx:

  • FITx is easy for beginners
  • FITx is surprisingly affordable
  • I see people just like me in FITx
  • FITx is challenging enough for advanced fitness clients
  • FITx looks like fun
  • I can choose what I want to train in FITx
  • I can choose when I train in FITx
  • The FITx trainers are helpful and always available, and aren’t just trying to sell me something
  • The FITx music is great.  It helps me get through my workout. 
  • The FITx director doesn’t mind if I want to freeze my training for any reason.
  • I like that I can use all the FITx tools and equipment on my own, even if I’m not currently a client.
  • The FITx program really improves the moral of the gym
  • People in town talk about how great FITx is
  • Friends discuss taking FITx together
  • Friends and family referring friends and family to FITx
  • I would love to be a FITx trainer.  I hear they make great money.

This isn’t a fantasy.  All of the above public impression statements are true and occurring daily in clubs using FITx.

Request a demo today.  Let us explain in detail how changing the public impression of your training program can double your revenue in less than 6 months.







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