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FITx for Your Club

FITx is a complete training, marketing, and sales product developed exclusively for health clubs. FITx provides a turnkey licensed training program that can significantly increase your training revenue, improve member retention, as well as, give your club a significant advantage in the increasingly competitive health club marketplace. FITx delivers a series of consumer friendly and affordable training programs that are highly marketable, in addition to providing powerful business tools that give you complete control over your clubs’ trainers, programming, and revenue potential.  Get FITx today, the most profitable training program for health clubs.

First, start to imagine FITx as the Starbucks® within your club.  You would expect Starbucks® to provide everything needed to make your Starbuck’s® insert within your gym a success.  You would also expect them to provide the pricing structure, marketing materials, and expert support and training.  You would also assume and predict that if given all the tools, your Starbucks® would be profitable and extremely successful.   

FITx was formed with that exact impression of Starbucks® in mind.  Provide club owners everything they need to assure the success of their fitness training program.  Finally, give club owners a more competitive edge in their market and control of their entire personal training program. 

FITx is the most comprehensive training business system in the industry. FITx incorporates everything you need to successfully operate your entire fitness training business. Either as an “insert/profit center” to your existing health club or as a stand-alone training studio, FITx provides the elements most important to the success of your business.

At first, your impression of FITx are the 7 themed training programs.  But as your look further, and read about "The Business of FITx", you will soon realize FITx is a business tool.  A complete business system that can generate extraordinary revenue for your club.

See Your Club's Revenue Potential

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- The FITx Product

The Business of FITx delivers a turnkey solution that centers around 10 very important areas vital to your success.  

  1. FITx will….Create a training “Brand” that differentiates your club from the competition.
  2. FITx will….Provide proven “Sales Tools” to increase the quantity and quality of closed deals.
  3. FITx will….Provide workout “Programming” to control the quality and intensity of your client’s workouts. 
  4. FITx will….Provide a guide to “Control Staff and Payroll Costs” that results directly to increased profits.
  5. FITx will….Illustrate how “Electronic Monthly Billing and EFT” can significantly add to your gross revenue. 
  6. FITx will….Improve “Loss Prevention” by managing client training check-in and monitoring delinquencies in real time.
  7. FITx will….Provide a “Positive Public Impression” of fitness training in your club.  Eliminating the fear of intimidation and discrimination among beginners.
  8. FITx will….Improve your “Training Space”, maximizing the number of clients your club can train and improving the quality of each client workout.
  9. FITx will….Increase your revenue potential and retention by utilizing the latest “Marketing & Social Media” techniques. 
  10. FITx will….Create a valuable “Product” in your club.  Giving your training program its own identity.

Before we get into the details about FITx, you need to know our mission was to create a program significantly different than the world of personal training you’re familiar with.  And why did we feel there was a need to do this?  Because, in order for us deliver a product that can actually double your revenue expectations, retain the most clients, and be something you’re tremendously proud to offer your customers, there was a need to reinvent the entire business of training.  There is an underlying reason why personal training to date only reached mediocre success.  Duplicating poor practices, committing to only small changes, or in most cases having the paralyzing feeling that “we can’t change too much, it may upset our members, or worse, our trainers”, are only a few reasons there was a need for change.  

At FITx Training Systems, we found more than enough reasons to reinvent the business of training.  At FITx, we reinvented how to sell, train, market and retain clients.  We realized that with FITx, there is no glass ceiling.

Don’t be fooled!  Yes, group training is very popular, and is the buzz in every trade publication, but in reality represents only 10% of actual changes you need to affect real improvement and success in your club.  Incorporating group training without changing anything before or after it will eventually lead to diminishing returns and mediocre results; traits unfortunately very predictable in our industry. 

Realizing you have succeeded in your business means not only that you were able to turn a profit, but more importantly, you were also satisfied by the means in which you were able to make it happen.  Success should not happen by accident, or in part having to compromise having control of your business, parts of your business, or its outcome.  I make this point because over the past 20 years, training, trainers, and the business of training seemed to run by a different set of rules.  Rules that became contagious among fitness facilitates across the country.   

For the past 20 years, the method in which we acquired clients, trained clients, paid trainers, or even marketed training in most cases did not follow the core business plan of the club.  Expensive training rates, independent trainers, sales splits, and limited control of training techniques seemed to be more the norm than a problem.

FITx will improve the way you operate your entire training department, because with FITx you will start thinking differently about the entire process of training as it relates to running a business.

First, you need to start envisioning fitness training as a product your members purchase?  Is training in your club a product, or just an illusion?  What is the member actually buying? What do they expect to get in exchange for their payment?  Because truthfully, the past methods in which training was marketed and sold, resembled more an idea or illusion rather than an actual product the client was purchasing.  The member’s fantasy, the promise of results, accompanied by a discounted price for a number of sessions or package pretty much sums it up entirely.  What the client actually purchased, along with what the trainer actually had planned for each client session, was pretty much imaginary as well.  There was never a plan, it was always a guess, and always “hope for the best” from both ends.  It’s no surprise our industry, especially in-club training, observed monumental failures.  So why does every club operate this way? Simply because, “our competition operated this way”. At some point, somebody had to develop a better way.  That "better way" is FITx!






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